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AIESEC's #1 Community Gathering

On Tuesday, 27th of February 2018, AIESECin University of Gadjah Mada(UGM) held a very first Community Gathering in Selasar Barat, FISIPOL UGM. During this special event, 6 (six) representatives of our community partners were gathered to discuss about things that will ensure the relation between two parties in order to produce a productive partnership. The main theme of the first community gathering was Digital Community. This event is started by introducing AIESEC UGM to the communities and continued on discussing Sustainable Development Goals which were highly related to what AIESEC UGM believes in. The engagement to the communities was also crucial as we explored the focuses of these communities to work together towards SDG's. After that, the community gathering proceeded to discuss about the main theme which was Digital Community through panel discussion. The discussion resulted in the insights of the importance of having the digital community in this era. To end the event, AIESEC UGM provided direct survey regarding Youth Speak 2018 by listening to the voices of the communities' representatives and their concerns within Yogyakarta area.



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